Sunday, August 28, 2011

Let's Begin at The Beginning!

Okay, this is primarily a test, to see if I can successfully navigate through the site and actually post something!

This post will contain mainly content regarding the sport of running.  I have been running ever since this surgeon-guy removed the cartilage in my left knee.  Why did he do such a thing?  Because it was causing some discomfort and I could not bend my knee past 90 degrees.  Oh, and he assured me it was torn.  Back when the earth was cooling (1973), post-op recovery was comprised of one phone call to your surgeon.  (I made this up.  It is a fabrication.  Please note that in the future, what I declare emphatically, is usual wrong, twisted, or an outright lie...  Sorry)  My question was:  What should I do to keep my knee healthy?  Dr. Coreless's answer:  Exercise.  Always one to push the envelope, I asked him a second question:  "Like, running?".  Yes.

I have been running ever since.


  1. Hi Chain Saw Baby from HiPerformanceSpirit (aka ultra monk), fellow maniac.

  2. Oh no here you are in the blogosphere.
    Its about time
    Try not to cause to much trouble while you are here. Or at least if you do I find using a fake name can come in very useful.