Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Running and Chainsaws Don't Mix

Before I go any further, I should state that I don't mean running while operating a chainsaw don't mix.  Although it is quite apparent that they don't, I am referring to cutting firewood for 4 hours, then attempting a run.  The crux of the matter is my back.  Of course, a lack of conditioning has an impact (I was getting to that) but running when you cannot stand up straight is more than tricky, it is also painful.  In a somewhat doubtful epiphany, I decided to run the next morning...  You guessed it!  I could hardly get out of bed.  This all stems from taking a few days off to finish the pottery studio, set up more maple syrup taps and cut some firewood.  I also cut 8 large cedar posts (20 feet long - basically the whole tree) for a cabin I plan to build next year, up on the maple bush.  I much prefer going for a run after work.  Work involves quality time on a computer (uncannily similar to blogging!) and sitting in meetings.  A "day off" involves serious attempts at self-mutilation.  I dread weekends and mark the days until I can go back to work!

This reversal of typical North American values has a corollary in races.  Running a race can be euphoric and cause for celebration.  Then there are those days where toeing the line results in a plethora of unpleasantries.  Volunteering, on the other hand, can be tough work.  Ask the people at Seaton this year.  Or those who helped at last year's Creemore Horizontal 100 miler.  A bunch of wacked out crazies decided it would be quite funny to hold a 100 mile race in Creemore, in late November...  Actually, it still sounds funny!  But volunteering at a race can be very rewarding, especially when you realize that by not running the race, you don't look or feel like the wasted zombies to which you are doling out water and peanut butter sandwiches.

So, when Doug Barber decided to celebrate his 65th birthday by holding a 65K fun run on October 22 in Owen Sound (go to the north pole and turn left), I jumped at the chance to run an aid station!  Even better, I will share the duties with my friend Henri.  What could be better than spending time with a friend, handing out water to zombies?  What will keep us warm?  Do we both have DD's?

Henri is coming off an injury, but there is a chance we can get in a loop.  The course is actually an out-and-back along 6.5K of trail.  Each loop is 13K and the runners will clock 5 laps.  For those of you who have always wanted to run 65K in late October somewhere near the north pole, here are some details.  Perhaps we will meet up!

Kiwanis Soccer Complex, 3005 9th Ave. East, Owen Sound
October 22, 2011 @ 08:00 (ish)
Registration at 07:00
Cost:  Free (now I have your attention!)
A donation to the Tom Thomson Trail would be appreciated
Showers after the run
Doug has booked a nice restaurant for afters

I'm looking forward to volunteering and holding those quality 30 seconds chats with runners.  Then I get to yell "Get out of my aid station!" as I was trained by John Rennison, also known as the aid station captain.

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