Sunday, January 8, 2012

Running can be a challenge

Not much to report.  Did not run much this week as I was supporting production by driving cars.  Walk outside to the car compound, pick a car that needs repair, drive it into the repair area, get into a car that has been repaired, drive it to shipping, repeat 100 times.  I think that I walked about 2K every hour, for 48 hours this week.  Since I was walking on pavement and concrete, it took a toll on my knees.  Running was quite painful, so taking a few days off was the correct decision.

Medals for the Creemore Snow run and the OTS / OUS Spring Warm-up are nearing completion.  I made 48 SW medals, which is a bit optimistic, but you never know!  I think word is getting out that the SW is actually a lot of fun and there is usually a fair number of prizes.  Pottery for sure this year as Lee Anne is in her new studio about 20 hours per week.  I have put up more taps (you will see why at this year's CVC) so it should translate into more maple syrup prizes.

For those who missed last year's SW in Dunedin (near Creemore), the course starts with 800 meters of flat road, then a 3K hill.  The hill goes up, in case you forgot who is writing this.  At the start of the first loop, someone remarked that it was obvious who made the course, while another runner asked if the hill had a top.  About 2K into the hill, you turn a corner and through an optical illusion, the hill seems to continue for another 5-6 K.  Rest assured that although the road does continue upwards for a few more kilometers, the course veers onto the Bruce trail and actually goes downhill for 200 meters!

The course then goes uphill and downhill for another 10K.  Simple!

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