Sunday, February 19, 2012

Mid February: The Awakening

Most people talk of the mid-February blahs.  True, it has been 2 months of darkness in Ontario, typically enough snow to make any journey outside one of clothing logistics and for those who work, glimpsing the sun on rare occasions.  I find the cold months a bit of a test, but in mid-February, the sun trades it weak, spindly nature for something more robust.  When the sun peaks out from the clouds, it is suddenly BRIGHT!  Toss in some reflecting snow and there is a dire need for sunglasses.

Daylight also starts to extend beyond the trip home from work.  Short runs can be completed without a headlamp.  In essence, there is life after work!  With one exception...  I am part of a small team that performs physical inventory for Honda.  I say "small team", as we don't actually count all parts manually, known as a wall-to-wall count.  To do so at Honda would require most of the workforce, about 4,000 people, to spend a Saturday counting parts for 8 hours.  The computer counts parts, based on our orders.  So, only 40-50 people are needed to prep, generate the reports and assist the auditors.  This may seem way off the topic of running, but except for this long weekend (Family day in Ontario), I work every day from February 5 until March 2.  I.e. there is little time to enjoy the trails during the day!

In a way, I enjoy the "month in the office".  It is directly followed by maple syrup season (I usually tap circa March 10) and I don't really notice the lengthening days during the office hibernation.  When I re-awake, the days are long and sometimes sunny!

So, Lee Anne and I are down in Niagara-on-the-Lake for the long weekend.  She is out on a "short" 4 hour run along the beautiful Niagara river.  I will join her in an hour and hope to run 20K.  The sun is out (with some cloud), it is +2C and I am looking forward to a leisurely run along the Niagara trail.  Lee Anne is no doubt thinking about this year's Niagara Ultra.  For the 20th anniversary, Henri is adding back the 100K distance, which Lee Anne will be running.  I will likely be forced into the half again this year, as it will be too late to ramp up to the 50K after the MRI.

Well, the battery is low and I am too lazy to plug it in, so I will sign off.

Next on the agenda:  Prep for maple syrup!  I checked the bush yesterday and all seems in order.  My neighbors have not been snowmobiling on the property, so I will give them hell, as I need to snowshoe in the evaporator - something very difficult in 2 feet of snow!

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