Monday, February 27, 2012

Physical Inventory done, Maple Syrup Next!

Okay, I know, where is the running in all this?  I was supposed to go for a run tonight, but Lee Anne asked me to glaze (white dip) her student's work, as they are glazing tonight.  I then had to get some water and supper from the store, so I had a glass of wine and searched very hard for some reason why I should not run...

Didn't find a reason, but it is after 7:00 PM and supper is in the oven.

Tomorrow I pick up my new car.  A blue 2012 Civic Si Coupe.  Actually, they will assess my old car (2008 Civic) as a trade-in, so it might be the weekend before I get the new car.  Looking forward to it.  With twin turbos and an intercooler, it might even have some thrust!  The add-ons will wait a few years as insurance is sketchy on tricked cars.

Lee Anne is making soup bowls for the Spring Warm-up.  I tap on Friday (250 taps, all lines) with help from my son-in-law and possibly my grandchildren.  Should be fun.  Hopefully the weather is not too harsh and Daryl (SIL) enjoys the time in the bush.  Plan to visit the sugar shack in a couple of weeks - taste, stir, taste, skim, taste...  You get the picture!

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