Saturday, March 31, 2012

20K Run!

Sad to hear that Micah True is still missing.  To me, he epitomized the childlike wonder of running trails, setting yourself an impossible task and enjoying the challenges of distance running.  At this stage, I don't see much hope for him.  I wonder what will become of his demise?

Started a running group at Honda, called the ISD Elite Running Team.  My department is Information Systems.  The idea is to strike fear in our opponents.  Until they see us run, that is!  Some members have prior running experience, but everyone is training for the Barrie 5K.  I'm running the half.  The race is on my birthday!  This week, we wimped out and ran on the treadmills at the Honda rec centre.

This morning I ran with my wife Lee Anne Cohen and Dawn Hamel.  I should say we ran down the same roads.  Lee Anne and Dawn were much faster than I.  This comes as no surprise.  Lee Anne has won her age category at the Toronto International marathon and Dawn Hamel is perhaps Canada's fastest ultra runner in her age category.  You can argue with me, but look up the results of last year's Canadian Death Race.  5th women overall?  Looks like some chick from Ontario, named Dawn.  Hmmm...  Her age must be a typo.

I first noticed Dawn when reviewing the top runners of the Creemore Vertical Challenge.  I was almost convinced I had made a mistake in the 2008 25K race, when I noticed some 50+ woman had posted a 2:15.  Her time is not that great for a 25K road race, but the CVC has 2 hills, perhaps 3?  Before anyone drives over to kill me, I should be a bit more honest and state it has 4 hills, 1 valley and several grades, ascents, inclines and cliffs...  Not a course that can be run easily in 2:15!

Right off the bat, my back let me know what it thinks of 20K runs.  I ignored it, but the pace was slow.  After 5K, the back eased up a bit and I was able to manage a decent pace.  Decent for me just now is 6 minute K's, running with a torn cartilage.  My surgery has yet to be scheduled.  The bad knee (actually, my good knee.  Hmmm...  might have to start calling it my other bad knee) acted up at 12K, which is fair, since 12K is currently a "long" run.  I was tired after 20K, but happy.  I will reach for 25K next week and then decide if I have what it takes to enter the 25K at Pick Your Poison.

Hope to see a bunch of you at the Spring Warm-up in 2 weeks!

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