Saturday, March 17, 2012

MRI Results

March 17, sunny and 23 degrees.  Too hot to run!  Seriously, 23 degrees?  Mid-March in Creemore is usually when the snow banks go above 8 feet.  I'll try to dig up a picture of my old Integra against such a snow bank in mid-March.

Ran 5K yesterday.  I'm not going to push it for now, but would like to ramp up to a short race, such as Pick Your Poison 25K.  During yesterday's run, I found 2 garbage pails that had gone MIA during a wind storm.  Lucky to find them!  But it meant a half K of running holding on to two pails - not so simple!

I spoke with my sports doctor on Thursday about the result from my MRI the previous week.  Torn cartilage.  A bit of a relief, as it can be "trimmed" with arthroscopic surgery.  When I had the cartilage in my left knee worked on in 1973, they took the whole thing out!  Sports medicine has come a long way.  In fact, if I can find a video, I might do the surgery myself.  My close-minded doctor thinks it's a bad idea, and that some surgeon should perform the operation, but how hard can it be?  I've already got a chainsaw (incision) and a Dremel tool for trimming.  I just need to find a small camera.  Perhaps the one in my wife's old cell phone.  I could duct tape it to a Bic pen and prep the pathway with the Dremel tool.  I figure it would be a 4 black russian project...

Maple syrup:  Very very very very bad.

I tapped 250 trees.  I was expecting between 180 and 220 litres of syrup.  This year is simply the worst on record.  I started boiling last Sunday and tomorrow will be the end of it all.  I should pack it in today, but I am going to pull all the sap out of the sap pan tomorrow and feed it into the finishing pan.  While the finishing pan is boiling, I will need to add an estimated 400 litres of water to the sap pan, to avoid burning the sap pan...  Maybe I should do my knee at the same time.

So far, I have 24.5 litres of maple syrup.  This year's investment (I'm adding taps as I approach retirement) including new equipment, cutting firewood, repairs, bottles, jugs and rum, was $800.  I don't have enough syrup for the CVC race!  Lee Anne has agreed to make 16 extra bowls.  I will give the AC winners an option of syrup or extra pottery.

I was foolish enough to mention that I wanted to bottle 200 - 250 ml jugs for the race kits.  That is what likely jinxed the year.  Mother nature has a perverse sense of humour when faced with presumptuous maple syrup producers.

Using the same tactic in reverse, I have officially scoffed at the north wind.  I called it lame, spineless, timid in the face of a superior southwest wind.  I must have below freezing tonight or tomorrow night, or the season is over.  If we get 4 feet of snow over the next week, I'm sorry for spoiling your beautiful Spring, but I will be rejoicing!

OUS Spring Warm-up:  Lee Anne has agreed to make a few extra bowls, to replace the non-existent maple syrup prizes... Sorry.  I plan to take a course on altering the climate, once I find said course.

Running:  The plan is to slowly ramp up to 25K and attend PYP.  Plan B is to volunteer at PYP for the morning.  I am prepping for a wedding with my chainsaw in the afternoon.  Yes, the wedding involves ultra runners, how did you know?

That's it.  Shortest sugaring season on record, or at least since I started making maple syrup in 1972.  My running will improve this year, and I am secretly and guiltily enjoying the warm Spring.


  1. Sorry the maple syrup season is so bad.
    We all know that if anyone can get saps out the woods in Creemore its you.
    The CVC is proof of that!

    cya at the warm up although this year it might be more of a heat wave then warm up