Friday, March 23, 2012

Running long tomorrow & pulling taps

Well, I have never been an ultra snob, one who considers a marathon something you do when injured.  Or reminisce about being young 40 years ago, the last time you ran less than 5K...

I am attempting to ramp up from very low mileage, to something that would make entering a 25K trail race (Pick Your Poison) seem like something plausible.  Tomorrow I hope to run 16 - 20 K.  It has been an adjustment to consider 16K a long run.  At the juncture at which I became injured, my weekly total diminished and my wife's went up.  Her "normal" week (sorry to those who are struggling to run 8K.  This is going to hurt) is 4 X 17K, a day off, then 40K and 50K.  Yes, that is per week.  She has run 2 marathon+ runs almost every week since 2008.  The rare exclusions are when she has a long race, or is injured.  Weekly total is usually circa 150K.  I ran 26K last week WOOHOO!!!

So, I now struggle with ramping up to 40 - 50K per week, while striving to run with a torn cartilage.  It's not as easy as it sounds.  To make the opaque horizon cloudy (sorry, kinda ominous wording) I will have to schedule surgery somewhere in the racing season this year.  I'm not overly astute, but I think this means I might have trouble with a race at some point...

Tomorrow the plan is to drive the tractor (nope, no cab) to the property and pull 250 taps.  Then clean and dismantle the evaporator and haul out all the equipment.  I will try to forget that I did all this work for 36 litres of maple syrup.  At some point (Sunday afternoon, exhausted) I am likely to remember how bad the season was this year.  I might jump up and down and yell a bit.  It helps the psyche.

The good in all this?  Running takes precedence over cleaning taps!

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  1. Even a 5 or 10k run can seem unbelievably long when you are injured or just get back from injury. Should also say it can seem really long for most "normal" runners who are doing "normal" training. Just because we live in crazy town doesn't mean everyone else does

    Hope your 20k run went okay