Sunday, April 8, 2012

Back to Back!

Okay, for those of you who consider 120K a light week, I ran 17K on Friday and 5K with my son-in-law Saturday, so not technically a B2B, but at least I can do more than limp the day after 17K.  Daryl is just getting going with this running thing and I think he enjoys it.  His breathing is good, we could talk without gasping and his pace is significant.  He repeated how much energy he has after running.  To him, it is inexplicable.  To me, I cannot remember what it feels like when not running, so we had an interesting conversation discussing the ancillary impacts of running.  This is something that all runners wish non-runners could understand.  Unfortunately, it makes no sense, even to me, after 39 years of running, so how could a non-runner understand?

I'm pumped for the OUS/OTS Spring Warm-up!  I was a bit worried on several fronts.  They are calling for snow on Wednesday (bring it!  The runners that show are not spring chickens!), I have very little maple syrup for prizes (but I will bring some, damn the torpedoes) and until recently, I had 2 car payments and 2 cars; after my $5K down payment, very little cash in the bank.  I just sold my 2008 Civic, so I once again have more money than God.  Although this statement is a complete exaggeration of the real situation, I at least can pay for the hall and pizza, so times are good!  At the end of the run, a neighbor has promised us all on his new boat, the Titanic!  Should be a blast!

Signing up for PYP (Lee Anne 50k, Pierre 25K) this evening.  RD's Adam and Dawn might actually be disappointed as I was planning on volunteering if the knee did not allow me to run the race!  This will be the first race I have ever run with a torn cartilage.  What could go wrong?  When I had the cartilage removed from my left knee in 1973 (or was it 1793?) I was ordered not to do ANY exercise.  This time, I did not ask my doctor if running a 25K hill race on a torn cartilage was a good idea,  My theory is that he doesn't want to know, anyway.

There are some extremely famous names showing up for the SW.  Ron Gehl, who fathered 2 of Canada's best runners (what's her name?  Laura?  Something like that.  And Terry).  Also Paul Tergat, former world record holder for the marathon.  Paul did mention that he was getting his hair done on April 14, so he might not show.  Count on it!  Cathy Melanson, from the famous (infamous?) Borden Striders.  The list is much much larger than short!

Surgery will (I hope) be scheduled shortly.  This will likely put a damper on the race season, but might make running more than 50K per week something not fully affiliated with chronic pain.

Finished cleaning the maple syrup equipment (took 3 weeks) and started on the cabin, which I will expound upon at some future blogdate.

Let the race season begin!

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