Friday, April 13, 2012

Ready for the Spring Warm-up!

Hopefully just a short post.  Went to see an ear doctor.  I have what appears to be permanent hearing loss in my right ear.  I want a second opinion.  Mainly because I couldn't hear the first opinion!  Get it?  It's a hearing joke.  Probably fell on deaf ears...

Set up the Dunedin hall today, for tomorrow's Spring Warm-up.  It is quite a nice venue and well equipped.  I set up a cute sign the says "The Unsinkable Spring Warm-up".  Plan to run one loop (13K), then man the aid station.

Lee Anne leaves for Boston tomorrow.  The Boston forecast is calling for a high of 30 on Monday.  I can't wait to miss that race!  It will be strange not having Lee Anne at the SW.  We almost always go to races together.

Looking forward to seeing some old friends at the SW, and making new ones!  Who will win the grand prize?  An interesting footnote on the grand prize (free entry into most OUS races).  This is not based on tangible statistics, but many of the recent winners seem to have jumped a level or two in their ultra running.  I think it would kill me!

Until tomorrow!

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