Thursday, June 14, 2012

Convocation! My little Brit!

Okay, I've been remiss in posting lately, for no good reason.  Perhaps the 6 week post-surgery hiatus, to start July 18, is dwelling more heavily on my mind than I am willing to admit.  It is not that I have run every day since 1973, far from it.  But I have run with few extended breaks, for the last 40 years.  40 years!  Ouch.  I'm old and injured...

Enough self-introspection.  I'm approaching much too closely to where no man has gone before.  I made one of those tactical errors that, in hindsight, makes you want to hit yourself with a sampling of blunt objects.  Emails are insidious.  I was asked by a fellow worker if I could be the 2:00 pace bunny for the Barrie half marathon.  Honda has footed the bill for me to run the half.  Sweet!  In a reply email, I theorized, with copious conjecture, that I might be able to pace the 2:00 crowd.  The next email?  "Great!  You are now the 2:00 pace bunny!"

Did I mention ad nauseum that I am having knee surgery on July 17?  Did I not intimate that I have run no faster than 6:00 K's since last year?  You must have heard my surgeon, in a voice stuttering with disbelief, indicate that running was not something I should be doing just now, and racing was (what would be a good German phrase?) VERBOTTEN.

So, last week's training (I can't hear you shouting "you #@&#@^ IDIOT", as this is a blog) involved some attempted speedwork, liberally laced with failure.  Read "brown-out periods".  Read "not going to happen on my shift".  Not surprisingly, I am doubtful if running 5:40 K's will be possible on Sunday, June 17 (my birthday).  Hey!  great idea!  I can use the "birthday" card to avoid getting lynched by irate runners, who failed in their attempt to break 2 hours in the half, due to some disillusioned physical-wreck-pace-bunny.  Soon to be the late wreck...

6 days after the Barrie half, I'm running the Niagara ultra (again, the half) then pacing Lee Anne in her 100K race.  I'm going to pace her for about 15 - 20K.  Did I mention my pending surgery?  Do you think surgeons bother to read their patients' blogs?

Oh yeah, the title.

Today, my oldest daughter Brittany, graduated with a BA from Nipissing University.  Yes, the spelling is correct.  Unfortunately, that is the name for a Canadian university...  Brit will go to teacher's college next year, hopefully graduating in 2013 and obtaining placement soon thereafter.  Brit and her beau Geoff just moved into a house in North Bay, situated very close to Nipissing lake.  The house Geoff bought is small, but well appointed and surrounded by mature trees.  Very relaxing!


After Niagara, I am hoping to run 28K at Limberlost, one of the finest trail races in Ontario.  Limberlost will likely be my last race for a while.  If physio and training go well, I have my eye on Run For the Toad.  I would love to show up at Haliburton, but it lies within the 6 week moratorium my surgeon has imposed on my running career.  Running Toad assumes I can ramp up to 25K in about 1 month, after knee surgery.  Too easy!

The Creemore race progresses nicely.  It will reach cap within days, possibly before the Niagara race on June 23.  160 people have already decided that running hills is a good idea.  Another 40 rationally challenged and the cap is reached.  Details are also coming together and hopefully we have good weather (warm, but not crazy hot).

Well, if you hear about irate half marathon runners in Barrie, who could not meet their goal due to some peg-legged 2:00 pace bunny, pay no attention to the story.  The media exaggerates everything!

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