Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Creemore is Capped!

Hey all.

Creemore reached cap over the weekend (June 23).  I finally had a chance to look through my emails and the waiting list is now also capped at 10.  That was fast!


My knee was not in the mood to run the half marathon, so at 2K I decided to make it a short training run.  I turned back at 3.5K and "finished" 7K.  I beat the front runners!

Lee Anne had an incredible race, looking strong up to 85K and finishing 100K in a time of 12:29.  Good for first place in her age category.  Since the Niagara 100K was also the Canadian 100K championship, I've started calling her my little national champ!

Well, hope to post soon, but gotta run!

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