Sunday, November 11, 2012

Phlegm Phor All!

Sorry about the title...  Lee Anne and I are both sick and I have come to the conclusion that the reason I get so tired when sick is because it takes a tremendous amount of energy to convert half my body weight into phlegm...

I had visions of writing this entry about how fabulous it felt to run 25K this weekend, even though I'm ill.  Guess what?  I did not go for a run.  I cut the grass on about 600 meters of the Creemore 100 Mile course, which left me panting, sweating and in dire need of a nap.  Lee Anne ran 51K on Friday, took Saturday off, then 50K on Sunday.  She is as sick as I am, so apparently we know who is the macho member of our family.

So, that's it!  No run this weekend (probably for the best), but I hope to be back on the trails tomorrow.

I keep dreaming that the weather for the 100 mile race on December 1&2 will be close to what we had today:  Blue skies, warm (for December) and DRY trails.  I know I'm dreaming and if it did transpire, several of the Creemore Vertical Challenge 50K alumni would be out to lynch me.  Nevertheless, the local trails are in fine shape and one can only hope that they remain decent, until the race.

A huge thanks to Stuart Lombard, who is allowing us to run his trail (the ridge run) for the training run on Saturday, November 17 and for the race on December 1,2.  Stuart is also a runner and I hope he runs a loop or two with us next weekend.


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