Saturday, December 22, 2012

Post Holing in December!

High winds last night, with a bit of snow.  It's funny how unprepared you are to comprehend there are drifts between the house and the driveway.  Not to sound overly pessimistic, but I place a snow shovel near the front door in late August.  It was needed this morning.  I even plugged in the tractor and blew snow from the laneway.  It didn't really need clearing, but it is good to confirm the snowblower is operational before a foot of snow drops.

Ran the ridge run today.  This run is 7.5K, comprised of trail and road and a scattering of cliffs.  Challenging, with the odd knee high drift.  I took the ropes down at the cliffs for use on the Creemore 100 mile course and have not yet put them up in their normal spots.  Nothing like a bit of scrambling on a short run!

The first field section had a good sized drift along the river.  It was something else, hyperventilating less than 1K from the start.  Ah!  The joy of trail running in the winter!

Gearing up for the Run4Rkids 6 hour event.  Haven't run on an indoor track in years.  I figure running snow laden trails is completely similar to the indoor track?

Anyway, off from work for 11 days and hoping to run more often.  Keep warm and enjoy the winter running!

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