Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Let the Season Begin!

I'll be the first to admit that the title is ambiguous.  The Spring Warm-up approaches (check out the finishing medals!), I made the first 10 litres of syrup yesterday and I wonder what a past winner of the SW grand prize, JD Begin ( is up to.  I'm going to have to ask a professional like Chris McPeake ( how they incorporate the URL into a few words written on the blog.  It is probably staring me in the face, but please recall that my background is Cobol - green or black please...  The last ambiguity is a stretch, but I'm happy with it.

10 litres!  Daryl, Lily and the grand children (Hannah and Griffin) came up for the day with some friends.  Their friends brought their 8 month old son.  No, I don't recall any names, let's move on.  Daryl helped me to tap 250 trees about 2 weeks ago.  It is pleasant work, but work nonetheless.  I think he needed proof that all his efforts were not in vane.  Daryl, Lily and the GC's seemed to enjoy themselves and the evening report (Lee Anne is in touch with all family members about every 2 hours) is that they were quite tired.  And so they should be!  Hauling 2 children 1K to the sugar shack in 2 feet of snow is a full body workout.  Then build a snow fort, hike further to the neighbor's sugar shack, drink some rum and boiling maple syrup (yes, this requires both effort and dedication!) and finally haul the kids back out to the road.

I had the added pleasure of staying at the shack long enough to boil down the remaining sap and emptying the evaporator.  The weather is supposed to turn cold and I'm leery of sap freezing in the evaporator.  Before firing it up (next week?) I'll clean the evaporator.  I've stored about 80 litres of condensed sap for the start-up.


I'm still getting in short runs during the week.  I was supposed to run today, but the winds are strong and we are having the occasional whiteout.  My upper body is also quite stiff from yesterday.  Not an excuse, but an indication that I have not been hugging my couch lately!

Well, the OTS/OUS Spring Warm-up is in 1 month.  I'm looking forward to challenging the hills around Dunedin once again.  I normally hit the Dunedin hills after running 10 - 14K from home.  By then, I'm tired enough that the hills require effort.  When we start in Dunedin, the hills are no effort at all.  It's great!  Yes, the previous sentence is just a joke, please don't hunt me down, blah blah blah...


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  1. Pierre,
    Type whatever you want to be the link. Highlight the words and then click the button that says link, It is in the tool bar just about your text area, right before the insert image icon. Menu box will pop up just add the link address here and you are done.

    JD is slumming it in Sedona all winter. Must suck to have to run in the nice sunny desert instead of the snow.

    PS. I fixed the link to the spring warm up. I know it seemed like magic but that was just an illusion. LOL