Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The Start is Near!

Well, with an incredible amount of help from Lee Anne, Ken Moon and Kinga Miklos, the race is shaping up nicely.  This will be a short post as I should get some sleep tonight.  Although there are still many items left to complete, the trails are in good shape, some are even flagged, the start/finish is almost nearly ready (that's RD talk for "no longer overwhelming"), the database approaches readiness and the beer pickup is scheduled...

Lee Anne has spent hours adjusting the volunteer schedules, food lists and a plethora of other details that will make or break the race.  I read a quote from the Badwater book "A few degrees from Hell" (well worth the read!) that stated a pacer cannot win a race, but they sure can lose a race.  I would like to paraphrase that the small details do not make a race, but they sure can break a race.  Apparently I'm not getting enough sleep as the paraphrase makes little sense.  However, why break with tradition and correct it?

Did not reach cap this year, which is surprising, even though the cap was raised from 200 to 250.  In a way it is good, as it provides a stepping stone to the new limit.  Test if my backyard can accomodate the extra runners.

Well, have to go.  Next post will likely be about the race.  Here's hoping it is sunshine and cool temps!

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