Friday, February 7, 2014

I Should be Running, Not Blogging!

Just got back from Bayview Wildwood Resort near Orillia.  I'm amazed that this resort has slipped under my radar for so long.  I have even looked for resorts in the general vicinity without stumbling upon BWR.  Consensus?  Nice resort.  Room prices are comparable to Deerhurst, but include breakfast (a la carte for small crowds, buffet if there are 12+ people) and a surprisingly upscale dinner.  Not in the league of Canoe, but good solid apps and mains with linen.  The chef is competent and has a variety of product at his/her disposal.

During the summer, it must be borderline chaos.  Being family oriented, Lee Anne and I are eyeing letting the grandchildren loose on the establishment.  Not that the GC's are holy terrors, but they would have tremendous fun at the resort.  Don't worry, I'll get to the running soon.  The resort is a mere 1.5 hours from Creemore.

Our stay was during the quiet season.  I liked it!  We had the pool and hot tub to ourselves.  I ate breakfast one morning (Lee Anne was running) and there were 4 other people in the restaurant.  We met an average of 2 people per hike.  One snowshoe hike was 3 hours long.  How many people did we meet?  2.  We both asked each other for directions.  It was tons of fun!  Although I brought our skates, we never did make it to the 5 rinks.  BWR had a shinny hockey tournament the previous weekend.  I saw 3 people skating, all on the same rink.  They should have spread themselves out over 2 - 3 rinks, but as they were playing hockey, I appreciate they wanted to be on the same rink.  We brought our skates and snow shoes, although the resort provides skates, XC skis and snow shoes for free!  We mainly ran, snowshoed and XC skied, aside from swimming and hot tubbing (it's a verb, buddy).

Running was either on a treadmill (one, but decent) or on the sparsely traveled roads.  I had my running snowshoes, but sadly, did not fit in a trail run.  Mainly because I was tired by 2:00 PM each day, from Lee Anne's exercise itinerary.  The only drawback to a vacation at Bayview Wildwood Resort is that you need a day or 2 to recover afterwards.

So, it is approaching 2:00 PM, we are back in Creemore and I should be should be out for a run just now, but am enjoying a brief sit-down.

Soon.  Very soon!

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