Monday, February 3, 2014

Winter Running

I admire runners such as my wife Lee Anne, who can slog out 40/45K back-to-backs in -20C, howling winds and that good old slushy mixture of ice and salt.  Her only complaint is that she gets tired. Really???  85K in 2 days dressed in 5 layers, slipping backwards more than moving forward and you get tired?  There must be something wrong with you.  Hmmm.  Next subject please.

I admit, I have trouble running a lot in the winter.  I will normally hit 3 runs per week, but not what I would call quality runs.  My long runs are short, my short runs are slow and my easy runs are laughable.Yes, there is some intelligence in scheduling a recovery season.  An excellent idea for other people.  Not so good for me.  I have a propensity to gain a bit of weight.  Not enough to be of concern, but enough to make it aggravating when trying to ramp up during maple syrup season.  More on that later.  I also have a bad back and knees.  If this is news to you, welcome to my blog!  It is 1,045 times easier for me to maintain a healthy running base than to reduce, then ramp back up.  The first time I venture north of 25K after an hiatus results in some painful recovery.  Nothing crippling, but the ramp-up is a bit staggered...

For what is hopefully the last year, March will be a combination of working, making maple syrup and attempting to ramp up my running.  Notice that "sleep" is missing from the mix.  Through some logistic error, there are only 24 hours in a day.  Obviously short-sighted planning on the part of some king or emperor...  Here is an approximate breakdown of my day, during sugaring season:  Work:  8.5 hours, Boiling down, 7 hours, running 1.5 hours, travelling:  3.5 hours.  Add it up, then explain to me why I can't run long during the week...

Well, time for a tetanus shot, then off for a run.  I'm in the February challenge.  So far:  February 1:  Move 2 houses into one.  I am still sore!  February 2:  Blow snow on the laneway for 2 hours (this is cold) and shovel for 2 hours (this is tough with tired arms - see moving on February 1).  Running:  Zip!

Dig Deep!

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