Monday, March 3, 2014

Memo to Spring: Ontario is Waiting

88F in Florida.  -8F in Creemore.  I tried to convince the fellow I was talking to today who works in Florida that we should spread the temperature evenly.  He did the math and figured out the the AVERAGE of our temperatures (40F) is about as cold as it gets in his neck of the woods.  His reply was succinct:  "We ain't got no deal".

I went out for a run yesterday (Sunday March 1).  Into a strong freezing humid wind with the chill factor north of -25.  No thanks.  Turned around and embraced the treadmill once again this winter.  Not happy.

Tapping is not fairing much better.  Tapping a tree below -5C is not recommended, as it can split the wood, resulting in damage to the tree.  So I wait.  The long range forecast for the property (near Singhampton) is nothing above freezing until after March 17.  And in case you want to mention Friday March 7, the high is -2 there.  Then it gets colder.

My biggest fear is that the temperature will go from -10 one day to +20 the next.  Everyone will be ecstatic, except for those who were rash enough to declare that they could fill all maple syrup orders this year.  Again.

Well, tomorrow I will dig out the mainlines in a feeble effort to get ready.  There is so much snow in the bush that many mainlines that are normally well above the snow are buried.

At least I'll get in my workout!

Oh!  Today's picture is the current snowbank along Airport Road, just south of Avening / Creemore.  It should melt by July...

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