Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Creemore Vertical Photos... and more

The 2016 Creemore Vertical Challenge has all but wrapped up - just waiting for the last invoices to finalize the accounting.  The profit is directed to 3 groups.  1, it allows me to comp (complimentary entry) up to 5 people, for various reasons.  2.  About 10% is discretionary.  I used this year's allocation to help Noa Bridson's Fundraising.  As a note, Noa was one of the runners comp'd into the CVC 50K.  The third item, as it has been for quite a few years, is a donation to the Canadian ultra teams.  These athletes spend an incredible amount of their time training, in order to represent Canada on the World ultra stage.  They receive little support from the government.  The donation, paid for by runners in the Creemore Vertical Challenge, allows the team to hold a team dinner, or purchase much needed supplies or equipment.  This year, the total will be a bit over $1,000.  For this, I thank all those who signed up for the CVC!

Finally!  It took me 4 days to figure out how to download pictures to Flickr:

Creemore Vertical Challenge Pictures

Also, Jeff Rowthorn of Get Out There magazine, made this cool video of the race.  Yes, the drone had a freakin laser on its head!

CVC Race Video

And to round out the links, results on Enfield Timing:

CVC Results

Now, I get almost 2 months off (with good behavior)...



  1. This is tremendous Pierre. The photos are amazing. Your photographer that was taking pictures was so friendly and encouraging, and always seemed to give me that 2nd wind to keep going.

    I think I saw this gentleman running in the video, but had no idea he was shooting a video. This was really cool.

    And what a great cause Noa Bridson is involved with. So awesome to see young adults make a difference.

    Please enjoy those couple of months off. You truly deserve it! :)


    1. Hey Carl! I hope your first official 50K was of epic proportions. I noticed that you seemed content after the race, which is good. Wish I had more time to chat! Creemore can be tough on the 50K runners! Can't wait for your RR. The photos are top notch as Dennis Campbell is a well known and respected photographer in the Creemore area. May you always enjoy running.


    2. Thank you so much Pierre, yeah you noticed correctly. I was SOOO content after the race.

      My race report is posted. Thank you for allowing me to take your picture and for permission to talk about you on the post. Have a GREAT weekend! :)